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What is Even-Odd Penalty Betting? Should You Bet on Even-Odd Penalties?

Even-odd betting is considered one of the easiest main bet types at bookmakers. However, if you lack experience or have never placed this kind of bet before, you should not hastily put your money on predictions. Without understanding this yesterday football tips guide, you might waste a lot of your stake. So, let's delve deeper into this type of betting.

What is Even-Odd Penalty Betting?

Even-odd penalty betting, also known as betting on the number of goals scored in a penalty shootout, is a wager where you predict whether the total number of goals scored will be even or odd. If you correctly predict the total goals as even or odd, you will receive a corresponding payout.

Reputable bookmakers usually offer these odds when a match goes to a penalty shootout. On average, each team in a match gets 5 penalty kicks. The team that scores more goals wins. When betting on even-odd penalties, you only need to consider whether the total goals scored are even or odd.

Should You Bet on Even-Odd Penalties?

Betting on the number of even-odd penalty goals is a type of gambling that's heavily based on luck and is very hard to predict accurately. If you decide to place this type of bet, you need to calculate very carefully. Especially when placing a stake, you should choose a reasonable amount, as the chances of winning this bet are 50%.

Compared to other types of bets, this one is still very worth trying. The payout ratio for this bet is relatively stable, and the rewards offered by bookmakers are also very high. For instance, when choosing to bet on even-odd penalties at a bookmaker, the odds are updated very quickly, and the payout offered is not low. After the results of the penalty shootout are known, the winnings are paid out in full.

Moreover, this bet type is extremely simple to play, and anyone can easily place this bet. You don't even need to spend time analyzing odds. After grasping some basic information about the players taking the 5 official penalty kicks, your bet selection will have a very high accuracy rate.

On the other hand, even-odd penalty betting is very rare. It only appears in certain situations, such as knockout rounds. If the match is still undecided, it will move to the 5 penalty kicks.

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The secrets of odd-even penalty bets you can't ignore Odd-even penalty bets have simple rules, making it convenient for first-time participants to place bets without extensive analysis. However, achieving victory and earning significant rewards is not so straightforward. Referencing the following quick tips will help you improve your chances of winning:

Analyze the shooting abilities of both teams Information is crucial in sports betting and even more so in penalty shootouts. When each team selects 5 members to participate, bettors need to assess and analyze the abilities, success rates, and typical shooting directions of these players to place suitable bets.

It's crucial to assess the shooting abilities of both teams. Betting immediately after a penalty kick is crucial. Penalty kicks are not about technique but mental strength. Even talented shooters may falter due to psychological pressures during shootouts. The first kick is considered to determine over 70% of the match outcome. If the first player fails, it heavily impacts the team's morale. It's highly likely that after the first kick, there will be numerous subsequent misses. Therefore, according to experienced bettors, betting on penalties is only suitable for those with patience. Be cautious and wait until after the first round of kicks, analyze and evaluate the penalty-shooting abilities of both teams before placing bets.

Where is the best place to bet on odd-even penalties? Regarding odd-even betting on the number of penalties in a football match, you can look for reputable sports betting sites to place your bets. Here, you will find many online sports betting options to explore. Each betting site provides comprehensive information about betting odds. Particularly, the odds for odd-even penalty bets are usually high and accurate. After placing your bet on the option you believe has the highest probability of success, for example, predicting an even number of penalties in a match, bet on the even option. Finally, players just need to wait for the penalty shootout results. If guessed correctly, they will receive the specified monetary rewards as per the bookmaker's rules. Apart from bookmakers, you can also explore other reputable football betting sites to experience different services. As long as the quality of service meets and satisfies all your needs, it's okay.


So, we have just learned about odd-even penalty bets. In general, this football betting option has a fairly simple gameplay and betting process. Therefore, novice players who want to place bets can confidently make their choices. And don't forget to visit a betting tips best sites to get the best odds.


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